Nutrilife is here to help pave your way to balanced nutrition!

At Nutrilife, we understand that with today’s fast paced life and busy schedules, it becomes difficult to plan for healthy meals. Nutrilife is here to do the work for you! Our licensed Dieticians will determine your nutritional requirements, our qualified chefs will prepare your personalized meals, and we will have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Our nutritional counselling and catering services are available for kids, adults and individuals with specific nutritional needs such as pregnancy, diabetes and high cholesterol. An individualized caloric prescription will then be suggested by the dietician in order to facilitate the achievement of the clients’ desired results. The consultation also entitles the client to one or two complimentary follow ups during the subscription period.

How it Works

Your healthy lifestyle journey with Nutrilife is a few steps away


The first step begins with a complete assessment by one of our licensed Dieticians

Dietary Plan

A personalized dietary prescription is determined based on the outcome of step 1


Choose a written meal plan to follow or subscribe to a monthly membership for meal delivery.
Please see packages for more info.

Report & Follow Up

A follow up appointment is set to track progress and make any adjustments to the plan, if necessary

Here for Everyone

Are you ready to make the change?

Our mission is to offer nutritional counselling and cater high quality, nutritionally balanced meals to children and adults enabling them to lead healthier lives.